NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As fall nears in Middle Tennessee competition for Nashville homes remains fierce in this scorching hot real estate market.

When it comes to listings, or lack thereof, we wanted to know which areas are getting the most online clicks, and we’re doing so with Zillow’s help.

“Most listings I have they’re gone in the first day, or if we do a weekend thing, they’re gone by Sunday, Monday. So, there’s still a lot of demand,” said Maria Holland, realtor at RE/MAX Homes Homes and Estates Lipman Group.

Real estate giant, Zillow, looked at the number of pageviews Metro Nashville listings had for the month of July and combined the data to find the median number of views per zip code to figure out which parts of Nashville prospective buyers were interested in most.

For home buyers, here are the top 5 ZIP codes where pageviews are highest overall in Nashville:

  1. 37069, where typical home values are $707,106 (Franklin)
  2. 37067, where typical home values are $654,076 (Franklin)
  3. 37064, where typical home values are $624,516 (Franklin)
  4. 37027, where typical home values are $830,300 (Brentwood)
  5. 37075, where typical home values are $385,823 (Hendersonville)

“You get a whole lot more for your money at Hendersonville. People like living by the lake, and the school districts have a good reputation,” Holland said. “All of these people are coming from out of state, and that’s where they want to go. They hear Williamson County Schools are the best, and they want to be in that area.”

Holland admitted there are several other areas of town where you can get a better bang for your buck.

These are the top 5 most popular ZIP codes for Nashville homes priced in the middle third of typical price levels:

  1. 37167 (Smyrna)
  2. 37214 (East Nashville)
  3. 37217 (Antioch)
  4. 37129 (Murfreesboro)
  5. 37076 (Hermitage)

“Hermitage is one of those areas that has really come up. My daughter lives in Hermitage, and so, she has seen the property value of her home in the last 2 years go up $140,000,” Holland said.

These are the top 5 most popular zip codes for Nashville homes priced in the lower third of typical home prices in the area:

  1. 37015 (Ashland City)
  2. 37055 (Dickson)
  3. 37148 (Portland)
  4. 37172 (Springfield)
  5. 37033 (Centerville)

These are the top 5 most popular zip codes for the most expensive homes in Nashville, including homes priced in the upper third of typical home prices in the area:

  1. 37069 (Franklin)
  2. 37067 (Franklin)
  3. 37064 (Franklin)
  4. 37027 (Brentwood)
  5. 37075 (Hendersonville)

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Zillow believes home values will continue rising through the end of this year before slowing down through summer of 2022.