NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Category 4 storm, Hurricane Laura battered the Louisiana Gulf Coast. While much of the country moves on, a Nashville woman is on the ground there, leading a recovery operation. 

Generational destruction followed this monster hurricane.  

“It was a 600-mile wide storm with a 100-mile wide eye, it hit a lot of people,” Britnie Turner said.  

Laura, a storm so big and powerful, parts of Louisiana are now unrecognizable. 

“In one area we visited, 90% is completely gone, just blown away,” Turner said.

Although Turner lives in Nashville, her heart takes her to places like Cameron Parish and Lake Charles, with her organization, Aerial Recovery Group. With volunteers from Tennessee, Aerial Recovery provides support, resources, and the knowledge to recover and rebuild when the focus has shifted, or the country loses track. 

“It was really sad, and people are definitely losing hope,” Turner said. “If we can help bring hope by showing them more people care, or aid is on the way, we try to share with them the practices from all over the world, so they can get back online, faster and faster.” 

Turner is returning to Louisiana this weekend with a team of 26 more to help. She called Laura’s aftermath 1,000 times worse than what she feared. 

Storm damage along Louisiana Gulf Coast

“Having the opportunity to volunteer, and help people who will probably never be able to help you back, there’s something just magical about being human in that moment,” she said. 

Magical but real, believing in a rebirth and making it happen. 

Turner has been traveling from Nashville to hurricane-ravaged areas for the better part of a decade. 

If you’d like to volunteer or contribute to relief efforts, click here.