NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Sunday afternoon, neighbors on Holly Street in East Nashville came together for a front yard concert one year after the March 2020 tornadoes.

While some homes are now rebuilt, others are still boarded up, and there is some debris still hanging from some trees.

“A year ago this week was probably the most terrifying, but also the most uplifting week of our lives. And part of what made that happen was the music,” neighbor Paul Craig said.

One year ago this week as these neighbors picked up the pieces of their homes, a group of musicians canvassed the area offering help. Andi Jane and Craig Anderson were among them.

“We came down here and all the song writers that I know around the neighborhood were running chainsaws,” Craig Anderson said.

“We made a bunch of coffee and had it in a big carafe and we were walking around asking people if they wanted hot coffee and along the way Craig found a busted up, broken old guitar,” Jane said. “They’re like ‘no we don’t want any coffee’ but they saw Craig walk up with the guitar and he said ‘but we’ll take a song though!'”

Unfortunately, that guitar was too damaged. So the bandmates went home, got their own instruments, and came back to provide a small moment of joy and happiness during a sad day in Nashville’s history.

“We thought what people really needed was food and drinks, but really they just needed some music, you know? It’s Music City,” Jane said. “When you’re broken down and feel like everything’s just literally ripped from you, music will make you smile. It will always make you smile!”