‘Hope is restored’ after a Cookeville family begins rebuilding from tornado

Nashville Tornado

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been ten long months for the Hardy family since the March tornado caused six figures in damages to their Cookeville home.

“I quit even coming over here at all because I couldn’t stand to look at it,” Bruce Hardy said.

From a new roof, to new siding, a porch remodel, and structural damages the family of seven had their work cut out for them to get their home back.

“It’s like when we look at our house, we still see March 3rd. We’ve never moved,” Jessica Hardy said.

Bruce said it’s been a long battle with their insurance company to get not only money to rebuild, but money to survive in the meantime.

“They wanted to claim that our foundational damage was preexisting even though we showed them that we had a home inspection report,” Bruce said.

The Hardys say only a percentage of what it would take to repair the tornado’s damages was granted to their family. For them, it felt like a waiting game.

“Like I never get any peace like that’s it. It’s like I have no resolution to any of this it’s been constant since then,” Bruce said.

But one day when returning to West Haven Drive, their prayers were answered on their doorstep.

“It was like by the grace of God they just showed up. Just exactly when we needed them. And it saved us more or less is what they did,” Bruce said.

Inspiritus Disaster Relief team was helping homes in the area when they saw the Hardy’s home. But since the Hardy’s were staying with friends, it took Inspiritus staff weeks to find them.

Inspiritus leaders were able to assess the damages and begin work on their home within the last month. Through volunteers and non-profit assistance, they are finally able to put the pieces back together.

“You just get excited because you know progress is being made and hope is restored,” Jessica said. “I can look and say one day I’m going to have my family back in the place we want to be. In a home. In our home.”

Contractors estimate the Hardys will be back in their home within the next six months.

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