Donelson neighborhood ‘completely different’ 6 months after tornado

Nashville Tornado

DONELSON, Tenn. (WKRN) — The clean up continues across Middle Tennessee even half a year after the March 3rd tornadoes. 

Stanford Estates in Donelson was one of the most devastated areas, an area that looks completely different 6 months later. 

There is now an empty lot where a young engaged couple had just bought their first home. Across the way, the Briley’s who nearly lost their lives as they raced to the basement to take cover are now rebuilding. You may recall their truck was tossed in the pool like a toy, the pool is now gone. 

Neighbors like Rachel Hunter say it seems almost like time stopped that day in March. 

“I feel like I’m still in March, like it feels like it just happened,” Hunter told News 2. 

Awakened by the storm, Hunter’s family hunkered down in the garage just in time as the tornado ripped through. 

“Literally we had just gotten into the garage and it sounded like the house was falling down on top of us,” she explained. 

Scared for their lives, what felt like forever was really over in a matter of seconds. 

“It felt like it lasted a really long time, but it was maybe like 20 seconds. It wasn’t long at all,” Hunter said.

She soon learned their house was destroyed, the roof and walls collapsed. It was the same story for many of their neighbors. 

“It looks much better, like it immediately looked like a bomb went off, like a war zone. It was a mess,” Hunter said. 

Thanks to the help of volunteers the community pulled through. Today Hunter’s neighborhood and family are only stronger than before. 

“It really has brought our family closer together, because we really all thought we were going to die at the time. We are all more grateful for each other,” she said. 

Many neighbors still haven’t started rebuilding while some others have moved out of the neighborhood. 

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