NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Her wedding day is a one of the happiest times in a young woman’s life. The big day comes with a lot of expenses, and for many future military wives, a lot of the plannng is done on their own while their fiance’s are serving our country overseas.

The line outside of Glitz Nashville in Bellevue started to form at 6:30 a.m.

Inside the dress shop more than 75 wedding free dresses await.

Glitz Nashville owner Ann Miller has a son who serves in the Airforce, and says almost her entire staff has some kind of connection to the military. She hosts the state’s only Brides Across America event, which matches soon-to-be military spouses with a brand new wedding gown for free.

“The wonderful thing is that we go to our designers and they donate these dresses to us. so all of these gowns are brand new gowns, it’s not someobeody cleaned out their sale rack. they’re brand new gowns from our various designers.”

Aubrey Jordan’s fiance is in the middle of a 2 year deployment with the Marines, and says it was special to be around other brides-to-be who are in a similar situation.

“Some of them are going through some of the same stuff that I’m going through, and to have them get to enjoy the same things is really cool. We all get to be pampered for a little bit after we’ve gone through so much.”

This year, Miller said she also decided to include fiances of first responders from all over the South, with a program called gifts of gratitude.

“They’re putting their lives on the line every day, not in the same way someone in Afghanistan is, but they’re also serving our country and our population as well and I just think it was a great idea and I’m so happy we could do that.

Laketa Armstead’s future husband is a Lietenant for a fire department in Memphis, and she made the trip to Glitz Nashville with her soon to be mother in law.

“I feel like I won a million dollars, It was like at first sight, and I can’t wait for him to see me in this dress.”

Miller says her favorite part of the event is seeing the spark in a bride’s eyes when she finds her dress. Glitz Nashville also offers a military discount on dresses all year long. For store hours, visit their website.