Nashville renters now must pay rent or face eviction


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Saturday, the federal eviction moratorium ended, despite the COVID-19 Delta variant spreading throughout the country.  

The temporary halt on evictions began last September and kept getting extended until Saturday.   

As far as how long it might take to evict someone, that timeline can vary. According to Nashville realtor Griffin Jamerson, timelines can vary for how long it takes to evict someone. Rentals with management companies may be quicker to evict than individual landlords.  

If you’re behind on rent, Jamerson recommends reaching out to your landlord for help.  

“Work out a situation where maybe you could pay your rent over time or put you on a month-to-month or an every two-week payment schedule or something to help you get back on your feet a little easier,” Jamerson said. 

She added that landlords have also been impacted by the eviction moratorium. If tenants haven’t been able to pay, many landlords have had to figure out a way to still pay their rental’s mortgage. One of her clients even ended up selling his rental after renting to a tenant who couldn’t pay their rent.  

Metro Councilwoman Delishia Porterfield said Nashville’s most vulnerable populations are now at risk of getting removed from their homes. She wants people to know about the millions of dollars the city has available for people struggling to pay their rent. 

“Our Metro Action Commission has a program right now where you can apply to get funding to help you pay any back rent and it can also help you with up to three months rent going forward,” Porterfield said. “So we just want to make sure that as many people as possible are taking advantage of these funds. The Metro Action Commission has done a wonderful job in extending these funds, they’re outpacing any other city in the country. So we want to make sure people are taking advantage of this resource.” 

For more information on rental assistance, call the Metro Action Hope Call Center at 615-862-7368. They are open Monday through Saturday.  

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