Protesters call for Nashville Mayor Cooper to resign, city to reopen

Community Unrest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A call for Nashville Mayor John Cooper to resign could be heard throughout the Woodmont neighborhood with a parade of vehicles driving around his house Sunday evening.

“We’re not asking for reopening. We’re not asking for resignation. We’re telling him to resign and reopen,” said organizer Matt Hundley, “The bars are reopening, the businesses are reopening, the musicians are going back to work, people are going to start feeding their families again.”

“We came out in protest of the mayor, Mayor Cooper, and his recent actions and in support of our friends and family members in the service industry with the restaurants the downtown, and what not, for what we believe is uncalled for regulations,” said protestor Stassin Sexton.

The rally came just days after Cooper took a lot of heat for emails in a current lawsuit that claim his staff exaggerated COVID-19 numbers to target and shut down bars.

“So many of the lies from the beginning,” Hundley explained, “Implying that bars and restaurants were the ones that were responsible for spread, which turned out not to be true, they were responsible for a handful of cases.”

News 2 asked Cooper his response to these concerns in an interview Friday.

“I’m the person in charge of the health of everybody, right?” Cooper told News 2, “And you do have to match the grievances or the suffering of a particular group ‘I own a bar, I should be allowed to go all out’ with the needs of the community which is ‘I have have 700,000 to protect.’ In the end, I hope people say, there weren’t that many cases and not that many people died as we thought.”

Governor Bill Lee sent a letter to Cooper Thursday regarding COVID-19 relief funding and also requested he reopen.

News 2 asked Cooper for his response to the Governor, he said, “We are open.”

Stay with News 2 for continuing coverage of community unrest across Middle Tennessee.

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