Nashville officer prays with protester in moment of solidarity


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) –A picture can be quite moving. In this case proof of the power of prayer, providing perspective in an improbable point in time.  

Every story isn’t violent, every image isn’t upsetting. In fact, a protest can portray peace. 

“What he was saying is the same thing I was raised on and I believe,” says Garren Hoskins. 

In this moment, at a time when a country was unraveling, a city bending, nearing a break, a picture proved the potential outcome we pray for. 

“As he was talking, he was preaching to me and others, because we were face to face,” recalls Hoskins.  

Monday, speaking publicly for the first time since having his picture taken hugging a protester, Metro Officer Garren Hoskins described coming face to face with the demonstrator Saturday, in front of the central precinct.  

The unknown man was reciting Bible verses. 

“As a person, a man myself, I just asked him, I said, would you like to pray,” Hoskins says. “He looked at me, put his sign down, and said absolutely.”  

An embrace followed. The men joined hands and bowed their heads. Hoskins says they prayed for equal rights, opposing sides in search of the same justice.  

“That gentleman was such a nice guy, and I believe it created a solidarity there.” 

A man fighting for his freedom, the other, in uniform, sworn to protect it.

“I felt that it was something the world needs to see,” says Hoskins.  

An instance where one image can instill hope, in a world of hurt. 

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