Now that 2019 is here, numbers from 2018 are being released, and probably no surprise, Nashville is ranked one of the hottest real estate markets. In fact, it’s number 3! 

Last year the real estate market across the country saw progress.  

According to, home values rose and interest rates, while climbing, were still historically low. It’s primarily due to these factors that several markets, including Nashville, really stood out. 

An estimated 66 people move to Nashville each day.  

Economists said the city’s history, economy, job opportunities, high average income, rising home values, musical roots, and southern food were all big factors for people deciding to make the move.  

They said with home values expected to rise another 3.8 percent in 2019, Nashville looks to remain a strong market. 

The hottest real estate market for 2018 is Dallas, Texas, followed by Portland, Oregon, then Nashville. 

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