Nashville mayor sets aside $30M for much-needed sidewalks


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – We see it every day-Nashville growing at a rapid pace.

But one category that seems to be way behind is infrastructure, especially sidewalks.

The mayor just unveiled a new spending plan and she’s put an emphasis on sidewalks.

It’s been called “man’s best medicine.” Some do it for exercise, others to get somewhere, but in some areas, walking is easier than others.

William Kebler enjoys at least two walks a day in his South Nashville neighborhood of Woodbine.

“There’s not really a set goal. It’s a nice day. You go for a walk until you’re tired,” Kebler said.

But often for Kebler, there are no sidewalks, so he walks in the street.

“But we’re super hopeful to see all that change,” he added.

Just down the road, the Coleman Park Community Center anchors the neighborhood, but getting there isn’t always easy.

In this case, there is a sidewalk in front of the community center, but on the way into the actual community, the sidewalk ends, forcing people to either walk in the ditch, or on the busy road.

But now there are signs of encouragement as Mayor Megan Barry’s plan includes 30 million dollars for sidewalks.

We don’t yet know where exactly that money will go, but the mayor has some ideas.

“My commitment and my priority has always been about connecting people to transportation and connecting kids to schools. That’s where I want to see those sidewalks go,” the mayor said Tuesday.

For pedestrians like Kebler, that’s a great start.

“We would love and welcome the growth of these sidewalks to at least connect the community center to the community, to see the safety from the elementary schools to where the children live,” he told News 2.

The Metro Council still has to approve the budget.

The streets that will get new sidewalks could be identified later this year.

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