Nashville man uses words to intervene in woman's brutal assault

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Andru Perdue was driving near Lafayette Street and Claiborne Street Thursday afternoon when something caught his eye.  

"When I first passed, he was beating her," Perdue. "As I was easing by, he was uppercutting her to the face." 

He saw a woman being beaten.  

"She was trying to get away," he said. "He was dragging her back across the street. He started beating her again and kicking her in the head."  

Perdue got out the car and jumped in to help her.  

"She was bleeding pretty bad," he said. "I was able to break it up." 

Perdue said he stepped in using his words instead of his hands.  

"Just intervened, talked to the guy," he said. "Got him to stay for the police to come."  

He's no stranger to helping those in need. 

"A lot of people just kept passing by, kept passing by and he took the time to help the young lady out," said Charles Turnipseed, assistant director of guest services at Nashville Rescue Mission.  

Perdue serves hundreds of people every day at the mission as a second shift supervisor. 

"He's been helping out the homeless for quite some time," Turnipseed. "It didn't surprise me that he jumped out the car to help somebody out."  

Perdue says once he stepped in, others nearby called 911. 

"When I got up here, the lady was going into the ambulance to go to the hospital," Turnipseed said.  

Metro police haven't released any details on what happened during the assault or the woman's condition. 

Perdue says he's no hero and is just glad he was in the right place at the right time. 

"Stopping it felt pretty good," Perdue said. 

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