A Nashville man has been sentenced to jail twice for illegally operating a short-term rental property. 

Government records show Layton Jones listed his Northwest Nashville home on Airbnb without a permit. Metro Codes said Jones was cited and fined but he continued to operate illegally. 

Finally, a judge sentenced Jones to two days in jail. 

He appealed and another judge sentenced Jones to three days in jail. He has appealed, again.

“In this case, I think they had operated with the assumption that they’ll just pay the fines and keep going,” said Metro Codes spokesman Sean Braisted. “By the judge issuing these orders, it really shows there are dramatic consequences for refusing to obey the law when it comes to short-term rental properties. Most people can get a permit depending on where they live if they follow the rules and do the right thing.”

Metro Codes said Jones operated a short-term rental property without a permit. There is no record that he applied for a permit. 

News 2 spoke with Mr. Jones, who said his house was for sale and then hung up without providing any further clarification.

In Nashville, if you operate without a permit and are cited, you cannot apply for one for three years.

A date has not been set for Jones’ next court appearance.