Nashville man recalls being robbed, seeing stolen car on TV


A Nashville man tells his unique tale after being robbed at gunpoint with his car, wallet, and phone taken by force.  

He’s now closer to recovering his car, while four violent carjackers remain on the run.  

“As long as everyone’s OK,” said Ethan Howard, while explaining what happened. “That’s the most important thing.  

Ethan is still without a car, but he considers himself lucky after four armed men approached him in a south Nashville parking lot Monday.  

“All of a sudden I hear somebody shouting, and I look over, there’s somebody in a ski mask shouting at me to get out of the car. Look over to the other side, driver’s side, there’s somebody with a handgun in my face,” he explained. “They pulled me out of the car, made me get on the ground. Made me empty my pockets. They wanted my phone, my wallet.” 

The four men and the car were soon gone.  

Ethan would be left wondering if he’d ever see his Toyota Prius again, until Wednesday morning, after turning on Good Morning Nashville.  

“Fixed my cup of tea. Sat down and look up, and sure enough there’s my car,” he noted. “Black Prius involved in a high-speed pursuit.” 

Turns out, his Toyota had crossed county lines.  

The car had been involved in a high-speed chase with Tennessee Highway Patrol that began in Wilson County, coming to a crash ending at the corner of Whitsett Road and Lutie Street in Nashville.  

The four suspects would flee the car and the scene.  

While he’s relieved his car has been recovered, the headaches continue for Ethan.  

His week has since consisted of Uber/Lyft rides around town, and long lines at the DMV. 

He hopes others now heed his warning and stay alert.  

“Cancelled all my cards, had to get a new phone – I probably spent over 100 dollars today, just getting around,” he said. “Things always happen, it’s so easy these days to get lost in your phone and lose your surroundings.  

Ethan’s next move is to actually retrieve his car, he believes it’s at an impound lot in town.  

The four suspects remain on the run. 

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