NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sunday marked four years that a Nashville man has been remembering his dad on Father’s Day after he was murdered.

Ed Wisdom Jr. was murdered in October 2011 and, shortly after, his son Ed Wisdom III created a foundation in his honor.

It’s called the Edward H. Wisdom Jr. Foundation, and it focuses on educating individuals through mentor-ships and other growth initiatives in different aspects of their lives.

“The driving force was my father’s murder. And I understood that we hit a statement of at-risk youth, but when my father was murdered, I realized we were all at risk. So I wanted to be able to touch, not just the youth, but the men, the women and families in the community as much as possible,” Wisdom III said.

He also started a scholarship fund at Tennessee State University where his father was the Director of Management Information Systems for 37 years. Wisdom III and his son followed in Jr.’s footstep and studied Information Technology. The scholarship offers monetary assistance to students studying the same topic.

Wisdom Jr. served with the 82nd Airborne Parachute Infantry and had a motto that Wisdom III still takes to heart.

“He would always tell an individual let’s take this thing all the way. No matter what obstacles you’re facing, no matter what hardships, let’s get to the finish line. Let’s do it all the way.”

Through his work with the foundation, Wisdom III said he and his family have been able to show others how to overcome the adversity of losing a loved one.

This Father’s Day, Wisdom III had a message for all dads, “I encourage all fathers to embrace their children and embrace their families as much as possible. Understand that they are the pillars to a life, to love, to legacy and leadership that is passed down from generation to generation, so they help establish the path and the course that their families take.”

He told News 2 that his father’s murder is now considered a cold case, but that detectives are still actively investigating leads that he hopes could lead to an indictment soon.

Wisdom III encouraged families who have lost loved ones to violence to have confidence that the judicial process will run its course, but not let their peace of mind be dependent on it, and look for other ways to honor and remember the legacy of their loved ones.