Nashville man escapes death, saves baby squirrels


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two newborn baby squirrels get a second chance at life after falling from a tree in Shelby Park in Tuesday’s storm. The man who saved them, escaped death himself just hours earlier.

“I was riding through Shelby Park,” Caleb Stokes said, “Seen a tree that was blocking the way going home, pulled it out with my jeep. And then started going through all the small sticks, then seen one baby, put it in the jeep, went back, I almost stepped on another one, got that one, and I was like, ‘There’s gotta be more,’ so I seen one more and that one was already dead.”

You could say Stokes was paying it forward.

Just hours earlier, he working as a mechanic in a bay at Music City Trailer Repair when the storm hit, ripping the roof from above him, shingles and plywood crashing down. Surveillance video shows Stokes running, escaping the debris by mere centimeters.

“Like three hours before, the roof was coming off the building at work, took off running and escaped death,” Stokes said, “Then go through Shelby Park on my way home, a tree was blocking my way, I moved it, and uh found these little guys, went and got some formula for them and started feeding them. “

A near-death experience shining a little more light on the value of life, no matter the size. Now, he’s earned a special title at work, other than Houdini.

“They call me Squirrel Dad,” Stokes laughed.

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