NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville firefighter is cooking up what he knows will help those impacted by devastating floods in Waverly a few weeks ago.

On the side of Joshua McDowell’s food truck “Smoke Boss Soul & BBQ” you’ll see his written motto: “When it’s from the heart, it reaches the heart.” And, he’s touching many hearts in Waverly right now.

McDowell says he’s experienced first-hand what it’s like to be in the middle of a natural disaster. So when dangerous flood waters came through Waverly, he knew he had to take action.

“When the tornado hit Hermitage, I was in it. I know what it’s like to get in. You are cleaning up and sometimes you forget to eat, you’re busy. You look up, and it’s ten or eleven o’clock. Anything as small as a meal will help,” said McDowell.

McDowell cooked up the idea to utilize his food truck to feed folks in need. With the help of the community, he was able to raise about $1,000 for food. He then used that food to make meals for people in Waverly. While there, he saw the devastation left behind and spoke with people who lost not only their homes but loved ones as well.

I met the lady that lost the twins and the husband, and she still had high hopes. Just had a conversation with her. It brought me to tears listening to everything she had to say. I will never forget her,” explained McDowell.

He says he will continue to give back to the community in situations like this. He encourages everyone else to do the same.

“I plan on making this an every current event type of thing. I’m thinking of starting something with different food trucks where we all get together and just to go out and be a blessing to others,” explained McDowell.

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McDowell said this food truck is his dream, and he’s been cooking for more than 15 years.

“You’ve got to put your all into everything you do. When you are going through worse times, you think your world is over with, but you have to remember that there is someone out there that has it way worse than you, but they are making the best out of it,” said McDowell.