Meet the K-9 teams that helped sweep downtown following Nashville bombing

Nashville Bombing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — To the dogs, it’s just a game— a quick session if you will, of hide and seek.

Little do they know; they’re trained to save lives.

It’s been more than a month since the Christmas Day blast and by now, you’ve likely heard about the six metro police officers that are now credited with saving lives.

But not all heroes have just two feet.

On Tuesday, News 2 met a few of the K-9 teams responsible for performing protective sweeps of the downtown area following the initial blast.

Enzo, Major and Sumo are trained by THP to detect explosive devices, moreso, the materials used to make bombs like the one on Christmas Day.

“We were able to bring in some of our dogs to assist them [MNPD] to do any type of sweeps for any type of second devices,” said Devery Moses, Director of the Canine Training program at the Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

Though we can’t get into specifics, Moses says the K-9s train for 10-12 weeks and are trained to pick up 15-20 different scents that could all be used in a bomb.

The K-9s alert their handler that they’re picking up on a scent by sitting. Once they sit, they get their treat.

Moses says THP has close to 25 K-9 teams across the date. There are around 13 narcotic detection dogs, seven explosive detection dogs and three patrol dogs.

“We are prepared just in case we’re ever called to duty to come in as a support unit or to assist any other departments with anything,” Moses said.

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