NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two years after the Christmas Day bombing, 2nd Avenue North continues to rebuild and grow. The bombing destroyed many businesses in the area and damaged part of the heart of Downtown Nashville.

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency has worked tirelessly to help 2nd Avenue after the explosion. According to Senior Project Manager Michelle Scopel, the bombing affected 65 buildings and today, more than 50 businesses have reopened.

“You know we had this horrible situation that happened, but here we have this opportunity to create a space much better than it was,” Scopel said.

Studio 154 Luxury Hotel was also badly damaged in the bombing. Since the tragedy, the hotel has done a complete renovation.

“It mostly affected the 2nd Avenue portion of our building, which of course does have those beautiful 22 foot windows that had to be replaced,” Studio 154 General Manager Joanne Moynihan said. “We did take the opportunity to renovate the whole building, so just about everything has been replaced or upgraded, which is great.”

Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced $20 million in funds toward the streetscape project. This enhances the downtown area from Broadway all the way up to Union Street, which helps significantly improve the damage that was done. To learn more about the project, click here.