NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s been four months since a Nashville man set off a bomb in a RV that rocked Second Avenue in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.

The bomb damaged many businesses and homes, knocking out cell service in three states.

Four months later, Second Avenue looks a lot different. Crews have since cleaned up nearly all of the debris from the roadway. But a lot of damage is still visible to the buildings on the north end of Second Avenue.

Nashville residents continue coming to the fenced off area of Second Avenue, the area hardest hit by the bomb.

One Nashville couple told News 2 on Sunday that it was the first time they’d come down to see the damage in person, and they say it was a little overwhelming.

“There’s windows even over that way that aren’t even near the bombing that are still out and destroyed, and this building looks like the front totally collapsed in,” Max Evans said.

“It was wild that it happened here. You wouldn’t really think Nashville isn’t a target city for something like that particularly not this part of Nashville,” Stephanie Davis added.

On Sunday people walked by, took pictures, and reflected on the chaotic memory. Chyna Stanton says it’s a holiday she’ll never forget.

“I remember waking up on Christmas and we’re supposed to be opening presents and the whole time we’re worried just thinking people are down here just gone,” Stanton said.

Stanton works downtown and says the progress the city has made since December is inspiring.

“It’s come a long way. They’re trying to really build the businesses around here. Build the brand. And we’re trying to get everyone to come back to Nashville,” Stanton said.