Nashville-based Aerial Recovery Group responds to volcanic eruption on St. Vincent


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Caribbean Island of St. Vincent was rocked by another volcanic eruption Tuesday, the third in just a week as the La Soufrière volcano awakened after being dormant since 1979. Britnie Turner, the founder of the Nashville-based Aerial Recovery Group, is there helping with the recovery efforts.

The series of explosive volcanic eruptions have blanketed St. Vincent with ash and led to the evacuation of 16,000 residents the day before the initial eruption. Help is needed, but getting that aid to the residents of this Caribbean island isn’t easy. 

The eruption Tuesday morning made getting aid to St. Vincent even more challenging. “We’re about to get covered in our hazmat stuff and put hazmat suits on just to be able to take this in at all,” said Turner early Tuesday as she and her crew neared the island.

Turner also told News 2 that the situation is growing dire, “So keep please keep these people in your prayers. Everywhere that was a green zone is now no longer green. This volcanic ash is cancerous. It’s horrible for people. They’re completely out of water as of yesterday, and St. Vincent actually served all the surrounding area islands when it came to water and food. So not just this place of suffering, but everywhere around.”

The active volcano also makes it nearly impossible to get supplies in by air. Nearly all help will need to come in via boat for now. “If there are organizations that understand how to get things in, or if they want to know how to get things in, please reach out to us. We’re happy to help again,” said Turner.

Aerial Recovery Group is also working on getting live footage on the ground to bring attention to the situation in St. Vincent. They urge people to donate to the recovery efforts there.

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