Is Nashville losing its identity? Hundreds respond

Nashville 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More skyscrapers, more traffic, more areas of historic Nashville are in danger of being erased. The changes happening are unsettling for many longtime Nashville residents.

News 2’s Neil Orne found that out with one social media post asking “Is Nashville losing its identity? What things have we lost that set us apart?”

Hundreds of people have commented. One, in particular, stood out.

News 2 viewer, Kelly Feasel, wrote “It’s a tough debate with both sides having merit. Personally, as a 15-year-resident of the area, Yes, Nashville is losing its identity.”

Feasel, like many longtime residents, feels a true sense of loss with the explosive growth. The small-town feel has been replaced with congestion, construction, and added expenses.

News 2 is reporting on Nashville’s historic growth and the growing pains that come with it. READ MORE on Nashville 2021

He hit a nerve and touched on a conversation many want to have. “I must have. There must be a lot of people that feel kind of the same way I do, because the response was ‘I agree. I agree. Oh yeah. What about this.’ And then additions to what I had said that all made sense”

Nashville’s explosive growth, on one hand, he said is tremendous.

“I’m a big sports guy LOVE, LOVE, the Preds. I love the Titans. You know, I go down to watch the Sounds,” he said.

Feasel, like many others, feels while Nashville’s growth has put us in the ‘big time,’ the strain on infrastructure shows the city was woefully unprepared for it.

“There has got to be some kind of cooperation, some kind of planning to deal with the growth that’s already occurred,” Feasel continued, “If we’re going to grow more, then they sure as heck better get together and deal with what’s going to happen in the future.”

They say growth is a good problem. And, it seems, more Nashvillians are getting a chance to sit and think about it.

You can join in the conversation and see how others are responding to the questions by visiting Neil Orne’s Facebook page.

Nashville’s historic growth continues to change the city, but some people say it’s taking away the Music City’s hometown feel. News 2 weighs the pros and cons with day-long reports on ‘Lost Nashville’.

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