Tristar Skyline Medical Center to undergo expansion project

Nashville 2019

TriStar Skyline Medical Center in Nashville is undergoing a major expansion project to meet the demands of recent population growth in middle Tennessee.  

“We’re seeing more trauma patients, more stroke patients, more general medical patients every year,” said Dr. Marshall Hall, medical director of the emergency department. “Right now, our biggest challenge is physical space.” 

Hall says that extra space is needed most in the emergency department. 

“It’s led to some increased waiting time,” Hall said. “Patients holding in the ER longer than they (normally) would.” 

For the next year, Tristar will be getting a major facelift, expanding its ER, adding 60 in-patient beds, and more CT scanners. 

“A new waiting room, a new triage area, new treatment beds, and a family counseling area,” Hall said. 

The hospital is also expanding services by air, adding a third helipad by the end of the year for air transports. 

“Our hospital and multiple hospitals have felt growing pains over the last few years,” Hall said.  
Tristar saw a 128 percent increase in trauma patients from 2015 to 2018. Hospital admissions went up 23-percent in the last five years. 

To keep up, the hospital increased its number of ER doctors by 30 percent. 

“When every year you’re breaking records for patient volume, then we have to continually be hiring both nurses and physicians,” Hall said.  

Hall says the expansion project is expected to be completed by 2020.

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