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It seems that traffic is an issue no matter where you go in Middle Tennessee, because growth and traffic go hand-in-hand. 

There are a few areas in Dickson that are seeing advancements and one area in particular is at Interstate 40. 
“They widened the off-ramp there. It had become really dangerous due to the traffic trying to exit the interstate. We had a local contractor that stepped up and helped the city and the state do some corrective measures immediately after a very bad accident out there,” explained Jason Pilkinton, Director of Planning and Zoning. 

Improvements are also being made to the traffic signals on Highway 46, which goes right to and from I-40. 
Pilkinton said, “The city has a plan to try to deal with that, with the state, with the funds, with the traffic, control devices is a big help. On top of that, the city has a plan for these lights to be interconnected. They were designed that way now and that’s going to be monitored here at city hall. So in the event that something happens at the interstate, which is our Exit 172, which is a very busy exit. The monitoring system here can help rearrange the traffic lights to flow traffic better off of the interstate and through 46 to try to eliminate any bumper to bumper traffic out there.” 

And that’s not the only change being made to 46. 
“That project also had some suggestions for the city to do some city-funded projects for intersection alignment. The city has done that. They’re in their construction planning phase right now to align intersection 46 to help with traffic, and then currently the state-funded project for realignment for 46 South with Oakmont Drive is under construction as we speak,” Pilkinton told News 2. 
Officials are concentrating on that area of town because thousands of people travel that way each day. 

Pilkinton said, “As far as traffic counts, the north end of 46, which is around the Pilot, is about 28,000 a day. We have a lot of commuters that come here to work.” 

And that’s because of location. 
“From downtown Dickson to downtown Nashville’s about 40 to 45 minutes. Dickson being on this side of Nashville, it’s very centralized, we have a lot of surrounding counties that can commute to Dickson to get everything they need whether it’s shopping, entertainment, recreational entertainment, you know we have all those things here,” said Pilkinton. 

The majority of the updates to Highway 46 are possible because of a Transportation Planning Grant. 

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