Scooter companies address Mayor Briley’s ultimatum

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Scooter companies are acting fast to meet Mayor Briley’s 30-day notice.

There’s only a week left for the companies to take action and create a better environment for its riders and the pedestrians and drivers around them.

According to Metro Public Works, there are nine scooter corrals that are up and running in response to Mayor Briley’s ultimatum.

The companies are trying their best to prevent being eliminated from the Metro area, and some riders respect that.

“Putting them back yourself is really efficient,” Victoria Houser, a regular scooter user, told News 2.

However, not everyone is as like-minded.

Walking near a corral on Second Avenue North, you can see at least four scooters that are parked illegally.

Even though these laws are being put into place, some are convinced that they won’t be enforced.

“The one difficult thing about scooters is just keeping them organized and try to have everyone follow the right rules that the apps implicate,” said Zach Boyles, a scooter rider 

In a letter to the mayor, the scooter companies do not address enforcement but they have committed a team to respond to scooters blocking sidewalks. They have also offered free access to helmets and safety classes.

If and how these electric scooters are in Nashville to stay is yet to be determined, but Mayor Briley has offered hope for scooter companies.

“I don’t think that in the end, we will be without scooters, electric scooters,” Briley said. “But I think that the companies are going to have to come up with a regulatory scheme that works.”

MORE: PDF: Guiding principles for SUMD Operation in Nashville

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