New proposed ordinance threatens to ban scooters from Metro

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The debate on the future of electric scooters in Nashville continues. 

There are currently seven scooter companies who have set up shop in Nashville, and there are over 4,000 scooters being used every day in the Metropolitan area

In late May, Metro Police said 26-year-old Brady Gaulke lost his life after making an improper turn at an intersection and getting hit by a car.

The tragedy prompted Mayor David Briley to give the scooter companies an ultimatum. The companies were given a 30-day notice to implement better safety regulations or be banned by Metro Council 

However, Councilman Steve Glover told News 2, he’s run out of patience and has drafted a bill that will ban scooters from the Metropolitan area entirely,

“They had their chance, and they blew it.”

In the ordinance, he wrote that as of February, Vanderbilt had treated more than 250 patients involved in scooter accidents. Glover also said Metro Police have expressed the difficulty of enforcing scooter regulations.

Council members Larry Hagar and Fabian Bedne have co-sponsored the proposed ordinance, which would have to be approved by Metro Council. 

While the feelings among citizens are mixed, Councilman Glover is certain on how he feels.

“They had an opportunity to work it out and they took advantage of our people, and our city…and I have no use nor tolerance for them.”

Council members will undergo the first reading of the bill next Tuesday, June 18. 

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