New Bellevue ice rink, community center making progress quickly

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Progress is moving forward quickly with a plan to open both; the Ford Ice Center and Bellevue Community Center in about six months.  

Workers have laid some foundation and are now moving vertically.   

“It’s 100 percent crunch time and all eyes are back there,” Metro Council Woman Sheri Weiner told News 2.  

Weiner continues to get new details regularly. The 110,000 square foot Ford Ice Center will have two sheets of ice.  

“One sheet of ice will have 1,000 seats for spectators. The other one will have 500 seats for spectators.”  

Additionally, even more folks will be able to take in the sites from a full-service restaurant.  

“The restaurant will have full view of both ice rinks,” said Weiner.  

Beside the ice center will be Bellevue’s new community center, which will include a state-of-the-art pottery studio and demo kitchen. 

“So, people will be able to go in there and have cooking classes.” 

There will also be a fitness center. 

“We’ve got a movement studio, we’ve got a fitness center. They will be able to have boot camp classes which has become all the rage out here,” explained Weiner.  

Located at One Bellevue Place, Weiner says they hope to draw people of all ages to the new facilities. The Community Center will even have a game room. 

“What we are hoping and anticipating is with the synergy of this property as well as with the Preds and the program over there at the community center is it will be another place that the kids will flock to.” 

While crews are working away now, Weiner says the plan is to even more aggressively in the next month. 

“I mean we are going vertical and once we go vertical and they can get inside out of the elements I think it will go a whole lot faster.” 

Weiner shared a timeline that shows in March they are scheduled to have the roof over the rinks and in early July the building should be completely enclosed as they work on the finishes. 

The first event will be on Sept. 7, which will be the Rookie Tournament. Nashville, Florida, Tampa Bay and Washington are scheduled to play.

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