Nashville’s historic growth creates booming job market

Nashville 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville continues to add titles to its resume – the “It” city, tourist destination city and, now, jobs city.

Workers are flocking to Nashville to take part in the unprecedented growth.

Rupa DeLoach with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce said that growth is producing a need for more workers.

“We constantly hear the labor market is fairly tight across the United States,” DeLoach said.

And that market is even tighter in cities like Nashville that are experiencing major growth.

Nancy Eisenbrandt, also with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, said, “It’s a very strong climate for job seekers and it’s a very powerful climate for job creators.”

Business leaders and job seekers see Music City as an opportunity for several reasons.

“The attractiveness of this climate is the livability, the excitement that Nashville brings, the immigration that we are experiencing and educational institutions that are training our internal workers,” Eisenbrandt said.

The biggest job opportunities in Nashville right now are in the service industry, restaurants, hotels and skilled construction workers.

Eisenbrandt said, “There is no question that there are pockets of shortages of specific talent some companies are looking for purple squirrels and they are hard to find.”

She continued, “The array of jobs that are open is so broad that you can bring a number of skills to the table and be successful.”

Eisenbrandt also said there are tools that will help job seekers become successful.

“What I find in this job market is that you have to have some social capital, it really is a networking community, and you really need to avail yourself on those opportunities in the community to find those jobs and to find what you are looking for.”

She added, “I can’t overestimate the need for 21st Century skills. Those skills that you are going to show up on time, you are going to show up today and you are going to show up tomorrow. You are a creative problem solver, you communicate well, you write well, you can pass a drug test, you show up with the right clothes on for whatever the job is.”

The city’s strong jobs climate has no end in sight either.

“Do we have a need for more workers? More skilled workers? We do,” DeLoach said.

Eisenbrandt added, “The job market and our companies are growing so rapidly that there is going to be a tremendous opportunity, they need to be innovative, they need to think about what their next steps.”

News 2 is digging deeper into the region’s evolving job climate and the opportunities that are coming. Our teams have special reports from Nashville, Clarksville and Murfreesboro as we profile “Nashville 2019: Now Hiring” in every newscast Thursday. We will also have a live town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m.

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