Nashville 2019: New roads and sidewalks in the works for Gallatin

Nashville 2019

More people are moving to Gallatin, which means more wear and tear on roads, sidewalks and utilities.

Infrastructure projects are a big priority for city leaders. There are more than 20 in the works right now.

One major project is the extension of Albert Gallatin Avenue.

“We’ve got several road projects including Albert Gallatin Avenue extension, which will be a 30-plus million dollar roadway extension connecting Highway 109 to Albert Gallatin Boulevard on the north side of town. And then some other traffic operations improvements as well,” said City Planner William McCord.

Improvements like extending Green Lea Boulevard to Long Hollow Pike, and corridor improvements to Big Station Camp Blvd. McCord says in line with just about everywhere in Middle Tennessee, traffic is a problem in Gallatin.

He said, “Right now I guess the peak hour traffic congestion is the major concern and we have some projects related to improving that. Sidewalks are one way of creating an alternative mode to alleviate some of that demand. Traffic signal coordination is another, and then traffic operations improvements by providing turn lanes and making other adjustments to signal operations will also alleviate some of the traffic concerns.”

You can find out when current projects will be complete on 

“They have different timelines but most of those will be coming online, some are under construction now, some will begin here very soon. Most of those that are either under construction now or set to begin here in the next couple of months could be completed within two to three years,” said McCord.

There are also utility improvements in progress.

McCord mentioned he’s especially invested in sidewalk improvements.

He said, “Sidewalk projects are probably going to become the more important aspect of our development. We require new development to put, other than industrial development, to construct sidewalks when they build projects. So we have a lot of gaps and trying to fill those gaps and we’re using grant funds as well as local funds to try to fill in those gaps, create a priority system to build sidewalks in conjunction with our greenway system that we’re trying to develop as well.”

If you’re curious about what’s happening in Gallatin, just go to the city’s website.

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