Nashville 2018: Broadway development project looks to reshape downtown Music City

Nashville 2019

Work on one of the largest single mixed-use developments in the history of Nashville is transforming the city. 

5th + Broadway is replacing the old Nashville convention center with retail, residential and workspace. 

Work has been underway on the project for just over a year. On a given day you will find about 300 workers, that number is expected to grow to about 1,000 at its height.  

They’ve blasted, excavated and removed rock as much as 60 feet deep. Now we are seeing the structures starting to surface. 

“All of the concrete foundations are now in place, the public parking garage on the lower 2 levels are now in place, the residential is now up to the 4th level and the offices are at some of the lower levels, retail is at various points as well,” Burgin Dossett OliverMcMillan’s regional manager told News 2. 

Three cranes are on the site, each one represents a different part of the project. The blue is the office tower, the grey is for the retail space and then the red is for the residential building.  

Once complete the office tower will be 26 stories high and the residential will be 34.  

The project will include an H&M store, food hall, rooftop venue and craft brewery. It will also house the National Museum for African American Music and many more tenants will come. 

“Obviously there’s a high level of interest from tenants all over the country. Nashville, as everybody knows, is a very hot market and this is arguably one of the best sites I would say in the state. The unique thing about this is that you can live there, walk out, walk to work rather it be at 501 commerce, our office building or somewhere else, and shop there,” said Dossett.  

The project is running on time with retail expected to open first in Spring of 2020. 

The project is valued at around $500 million dollars. 

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