Musicians struggle to afford housing in Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.(WKRN) -As Nashville grows, so does rent and mortgage prices.

Nashville is known as a music city, a place for people to pursue big dreams.

However, new data shows, most musician’s salaries aren’t big enough to support living in and even around the city.

Musicians are making more than most Nashvillians, meaning many people are struggling to pay rent.

“It’s striking that despite Nashville being known for its music scene it’s really difficult in particular for musicians to live there,” said Zillow economist, Sarah Mikhitarian.

Mikhitarian says two-thirds of the zip codes in Nashville city limits remain out of reach for up and coming musicians and singers.

Zillow found only six zip codes in the entire Nashville-Metro area where musicians were able to afford to pay rent: Centerville, Charlotte, Lyes, Nunnelly, Mount Pleasant and Vanleer.

The places musicians cannot afford include the Gulch, Melrose, East Nashville, and Spring Hill.

The typical musician makes around $43,000 a year. The average employed Nashvillian. makes just under $40,000.

“That being said, most people make housing decisions with another person so they have a roommate, or perhaps a spouse or partner they’re moving with,” Mikhitarian said.

To compare, Zillow also looked at two other popular fields, health, and tech. we’re told the median individual salary for a registered nurse is $57,000, a software developer makes $88,000.

Registered nurses are definitely better off than musicians and the average worker, but they’re not out of the clear.

Meantime, those in tech can afford to live in most places, besides Brentwood and Forest Hills.

“When we think about individual salaries, Nashville like other big and growing cities is largely unaffordable, so anyone who is interested in living on their own salary it’s difficult to find a home you’ll be able to afford,” Mikhitarian said.

*Map courtesy Ken Blake with Middle Tennessee State University.

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