Murfeesboro 2035 plan is a roadmap to the future

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Ranked the 8th fastest-growing midsize city and the 11th best real estate market in the country by Wallet Hub. One of Nerd Wallet’s top 10 best places for millennial job seekers. Number 19 last year on Money’s Best Places to Live in America. The accolades keep rolling in for the City of Murfreesboro.

“Murfreesboro is a wonderful community, it’s been a wonderful community for a very, very long time,” said City Manager Craig Tindall.

The difference is growth has exploded in recent years.

“Growth presents a lot of opportunities and a lot of challenges, so we need to address those challenges, recognize the opportunities and take advantage of those,” Tindall said.

That’s where the Murfreesboro 2035 plan comes in. Tindall said it’s a road map to next decade and a half.

“The goal of the plan is to give us direction, give us some guidance in the future on where we’re gonna go,” Tindall said. “The idea is to think through a lot of the factors that are involved in growth and to make sure that we make really good decisions as we go forward.”

The 2035 comprehensive plan is extremely detailed. It addresses growth capacity, land use, housing, parks and economic development.

“When you talk about economic development today, the number one thing is workforce,” Tindall said. “What’s your workforce and how are we going to be able to staff our industries when they come in? Having a major university is an extreme advantage in that type of situation.”

Middle Tennessee State University is integral to the 2035 plan. It proposes to better integrate the university and its students with the city. Tindall said MTSU’s aerospace and engineering graduates are especially valuable to Murfreesboro’s economy.

“It offers a lot for economic development. Capitalizing on that and the type of knowledge and the type of students that the university turns out is very important to us,” he said.

Of utmost importance moving forward, Tindall said, is addressing the city’s transportation issues. It’s no secret commuting to and from Murfreesboro often means treacherous traffic.

“That’s important for many reasons, not just quality of life for people who want to move around the city, but certainly for businesses as they come in. They want to see there is a good transportation network in the city,” Tindall said.

Tindall said bringing more high-quality jobs to the city will reduce the need for residents to commute, leaving them more time to enjoy the city’s parks and greenway. Improvements to those are also laid out in the 2035 plan.

“We do have an amazing park system, and investing in that is part of the quality of life in a community and that’s very important to us,” Tindall said.

The overarching goal is managing growth in a way that makes Murfreesboro a great place to live, work and play.

If you would like to read the full Murfreesboro 2035 plan, click here.

News 2 has special reports on “Murfreesboro: The Good, The Bad, The Future” on Thursday. We’re digging deeper into the impact of the area’s growth and how it is shaping future businesses, traffic, schools, and crime. See our special reports in every newscast and watch our live town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m. Click here for more.

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