International investments help drive Nashville’s historic growth

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville business is like a moving vehicle gaining tremendous momentum with each new investment, and international investments are adding traction to that economic growth.

Lori Odom, Vice President of International Business for the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, says, “Nashville has around 333 [foreign-owned] companies and employs about 52,000 people through foreign direct investment.”

Those companies represent more than 30 countries.

FDI in Nashville RegionLocationsEmployees
United Kingdom393,532
All others11114,801

Showcasing powerhouse companies like Nissan, Hankook Tire, and Bridgestone, Nashville has become an export hub accounting for $10 billion worth of MSA exports in 2017.

Odom says foreign direct investments or FDI makes up for 20% of new job creation each year. Last year, 45% of Nashville’s new job commitments were created through FDI.

Odom adds, “I think you will continue to see that piece grow and continue to see it be a big part of our economy. You know it’s not only the story of the foreign direct investment that is here but the Nashville-based companies that do businesses around the world.”

Along with growth in international businesses, Nashville has also experienced increased diversity in its population.

According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, 1 in 8 Davidson County residents are foreign-born. Including large numbers of Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Kurdish, and south and southeast Asian populations calling Nashville home.

News 2 is committed to examining the region’s historic growth in our Nashville 2019 project. Join us this Thursday as we dig deeper into the international influences unfolding in Nashville. Look for our special reports “Nashville International” all day in every newscast.

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