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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It takes the right ingredients, that precise mixture, to keep Nashville’s hotel industry flaming hot.

“If you have a little bit of passion in your eyes and want to grow your career, I’m looking for you,” said Lindsey Shanks, the recruiting manager at Omni Hotels in Nashville.

Hospitality is hiring, and the options are seemingly endless. Hotels, new and old, are standing tall, towering over a city that’s reaching new heights, in a new age for Nashville.

“Growth and development of your career, that’s definitely number one,” said Shanks.

That’s what sits atop a long list of reasons to explore this field.

At the Omni, Shanks has filled 1,000 new positions in just three and a half years. They include jobs from clerical to culinary, to sales or guest services.

According to Shanks, employees can start in one role on site and be fast-tracked to management.

“You could start as a server in a restaurant and move to a sales coordinator here,” said Shanks. “And then you could jump back or go somewhere else too.”

There are 14,000 hotel rooms, either planned for, or under construction, in Davidson County. All those hotels are going to need new employees. That means companies are always hiring.

“If we have a talented individual walk through the door, we’re going to interview them, and that day make a job offer,” says Jeff Crabiel, at the Westin Nashville.

Westin Music City Center
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Crabiel won’t let a solid candidate slip away because competition downtown is a real thing. Plus, he lives the internal promotion mantra having climbed to general manager at the property in only three years.

“I’m a prime example of that,” he explained. “We’ve also, since January, had 16 internal promotions into management levels.”

It’s the result, says Crabiel, of targeting candidates from within.

“We try to find the right person to fit within our culture and we invest in them heavily, so we can develop them down the road.”

The opportunities are there. Construction is cruising as companies race to build these properties.

Inside them is the fine experience, luxury dining and amenities, keep attracting customers.

But it’s the culture that recruits the workers, and the chance for a job to become a career provides all the potential.

News 2 is digging deeper into the region’s evolving job climate and the opportunities that are coming. Our teams have special reports from Nashville, Clarksville and Murfreesboro as we profile “Nashville 2019: Now Hiring” in every newscast Thursday. We will also have a live town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m.

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