Historic 5th and Broadway project making significant progress

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A history-making project in the heart of downtown Nashville is making significant progress. 

5th + Broadway is replacing the old Nashville convention center with retail, residential and workspace. 

Work has been underway for a little more than a year and a half now. 

On a given day you will find more than 700 workers on site. They work in two shifts, making the project almost 24-7. 

“This is a game changer for Nashville,” explained Burgin Dossett Brookfield Properties’ regional manager. 

He says they are essentially building a mini-city in the heart of downtown Nashville. 

“There’s a significant amount of power and utility demand. All that is being upgraded not only for 5th and Broadway but for the entire district,” said Dossett. 

The retail space featuring the African Museum of Music is now topped out, leaving two cranes on site; one for the office tower, which they are working on level seven and will top out at 25 and the second crane is for the residential tower. 

“On the tower we are at level 19, building out a level every seven to eight days. We will top out at level 34, including two levels of penthouses at the top.” 

Once complete, there will be 386 units available for rent. 

We took the elevator to level 14. 

“We are basically within a corner unit that would have a sweeping view of the Titans stadium, all the downtown high rises and the river beyond,” said Dossett. 

Each of the components will feature retail or entertainment on the ground level, creating an internal street, branded Broadway Alley.  

“You will see a combination of brick and concrete streets similar to famous places like Printers Alley and you will have café seating, you will have music emulating from a lot of the store fronts, a lot of action. There will be balconies above for either dining or retail, what have you.” 

The retail space will be first to open next Summer. It includes a food hall, with outdoor bars and a concert venue. 

Amenities for the residential tower include a recording studio, as well a rooftop pool. 

Investment management firm, AllianceBernestein will be the primary tenant in the office tower. 

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