Gulch Hub to soon link Gulch and Capitol View neighborhoods

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Driving down 11th Ave North in the Gulch and your eyes will quickly be drawn to both construction and destruction. We could call it “the ups and downs of a growing city.”

Come 2021, the Asurion Corporate Hub will be up and running on 11th Avenue and Church and will bring hundreds of new jobs to the area. 

News 2 got an update on what will soon become the ‘Gulch Hub,’ again, home to Asurion, a global tech care company.

The 551,000-square-foot, mixed-use complex will connect The Gulch and Capitol View neighborhoods with two towers, one at nine stories and the other at 10 will feature a bottom floor of retail and a six-story parking garage. ​”Projects like this bring other projects, people working here need a place to live they want to be entertained,” said Ben Rooke, Regional Vice President of Brasfield and Gorrie. ​

That means more jobs, more people and more traffic.​

“I think it’s part of it,” Rooke said. “I would love to wave a magic wand, and fix traffic but part of the fun of being here is you have to deal with some of the other stuff .”​

Rooke agrees that the North Gulch area is changing drastically. It’s progress, however, is sometimes overshadowed by big projects like Nashville Yards or the Amazon hub, which are both close by. ​

While Brasfield and Gorrie builds up, another one of their projects nearby is coming down. Many driving past the former Tennessean building on Broadway have noticed, it now mimics a war zone. ​No word on what it will soon be, but clean up will take about six months.  

​​”My hope is that this will continue to be a place where people from outside love to come here and visit and people who live here love to work and play here it’s a great city,” Rooke said. ​”It’s so cool to be a construction person in Nashville right now.. it is unbelievable.”​ Construction on the Gulch Hub is expected to be completed by late 2021.

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