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Derrick Vinson and his wife Charity are new parents and have settled into a new home.

They moved to East Nashville from the Hermitage/Old Hickory area last year.

“We were really impressed with the feel of East Nashville, the eclectic vibe of East Nashville, it’s kind of a cool place,” Vinson said. “It’s got a lot of charm, the proximity to get to each one of our jobs and careers.” 

Vinson has always been active in his community associations, so he jumped right in in his new neighborhood.

“I see the amount of growth and change that’s happening within East Nashville. I felt it was a good idea to be involved to maintain some of the native Nashvillian charm but also be the connection with the transplants and individuals who are moving here,” Vinson said.

In the development where Vinson lives, he’s the liaison between the builder, property management company and residents. He keeps them updated in a Facebook group and encourages neighborhood watch.

“I try to keep my eyes and my ears out and remain conscious to the environment, but not over-anxious or paranoid at the same time,” Vinson said.

New development in East Nashville can help drive up home values for owners like the Vinsons, but they know the flip-side is affordable housing that is getting harder to come by.  

“Some residents that have lived here for many many decades, they can’t afford the housing,” Vinson said. “Some said if they actually had to repurchase their house all over again, they wouldn’t be able to afford it at this rate.”

Jason Stalcup has seen East Nashville evolve quickly over the 14 years he’s lived there. 

“There are just so many people coming to this area, and there are so many builders wanting to do all kinds of crazy things. Sometimes the neighbors get left out of that,” Stalcup said.

Stalcup didn’t want to be left out, so he joined Cleveland Park’s neighborhood association and now serves as treasurer.

“I became active back when our council person was trying to bring a waste transfer station in our neighborhood and I helped, along with a lot of other people, to establish some support to not bring that to our neighborhood,” Stalcup said.

The latest project in Stalcup’s area is a residential and possibly commercial development slated for the corner of N. 6th and Cleveland Streets, right across from Cleveland Park. 

“A lot of neighbors that care about it start showing up to neighborhood meetings during times like this and voicing their opinions,” Stalcup said.

 And hehe strongly encourages that. 

“Show up to your neighborhood association meetings; that’s it. It’s an hour a month,” Stalcup said. “All of these developers come to these neighborhood association meetings and they present to their neighborhood. If you’re not there, your voice is not heard.”

If you want your voice to be heard but don’t know where to start, you can reach out to the organization Neighbor 2 Neighbor, which works with community organizations all across Nashville.

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