Drivers take up Nashville Commuter Challenge to combat traffic

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As News 2 continues to track traffic in our Nashville 2018 series, congestion on the roads in and around Music City could see some relief this week.

The week-long Nashville Commuter Challenge launched Monday and it aims to get cars off the road by getting people to try new commute options.

“Usually I have a really big SUV that guzzles gas,” said Chris Moore.

But this week, commuters like Moore are putting the brakes on their cars and rethinking how they get to and from work.

For Moore, that means carpooling with neighbors.

“We’ve been riding together every day in this commuter challenge, just makes it so much more fun,” said Moore.

Moore is one of about 260 people who is taking up the Nashville Commuter Challenge.

Commuters are encouraged to try one new commute option this week, like riding the bus, carpooling or taking public transportation.

Daniel McDonell, the program’s outreach coordinator, works directly with participating businesses to troubleshoot traffic issues.

“Simply, we don’t have space especially in the downtown core to have one person in one car,” said McDonell. “That’s not the future of Nashville we see as far as transportation goes.”

The challenge is part of a long-term program to reduce traffic in Nashville.

It was funded by a grant that the Metro Planning Department applied for long before the failed transit referendum.

“With or without the referendum, would’ve gone hand in hand with that,” said McDonell. “But it is important to start looking at other options.”

Some businesses, like Postmates, have created company-wide prizes for employees who participate.

“Things like the commuter challenge really help our employees think about commuting in a different and how these small, individual steps they’re taking what impact they can have on a day to day basis,” said Disney Petit, Postmates Civic Labs Program Manager.

The program runs from Oct. 22 through 28.

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