Clarksville city council approves plans for brand new sports complex

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On any given Saturday, Jennifer Letourneau said the soccer fields at Heritage Parks Sports Complex are packed.  

“It’s literally standing room only, all day long,” said Letourneau, director of Parks and Recreation.  

So packed, Letourneau says they often have to turn down teams looking to host games on one of their 15 soccer fields.  

“We just don’t have enough field space for everyone to play, and it’s a real problem,” she said.  

Growing pains the city is hoping to fix.  

On Friday, the city council approved plans to buy a 300-acre piece of land to build a new sports complex near Interstate 24 and Rossview Road.  

The city hopes it will house a state soccer park and baseball stadium complex. 

“With our location, it’s going to be great for coming in from all different directions, Kentucky, coming from lower Tennessee, middle Tennessee,” Letourneau said.  

Letourneau says once the complex is built, the city will likely host more games which will attract more people going to hotels, restaurants, and businesses nearby. 

“That’s going to be a huge economic driver for our region.” she said.  

Clarksville’s population has gone up by nearly 2,700 people from 2016 to 2017.  

Letourneau also says four new travel teams have popped up in the city in the last year.  

It’s the kind of growth city leaders hope the new complex will help them handle and turn Clarksville into a tournament town.  

“We’re looking to be that spot to come to for a tournament,” Letourneau said.  

The cost to buy the 300-acre piece of land is about $4 million.  

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