Boutique hotel slated to open in East Nashville later this summer

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A hospitality developer is stepping outside its Chicago headquarters and setting their sights on East Nashville.  

The finishing touches are being put on the rooms inside Fieldhouse Jones hotel on Main Street. 

Robby Baum of Bedderman Lodging says East Nashville is the ideal spot for the company’s mission. 

“It has all the metrics and feel that we are looking for. We have really prided ourselves on being a neighborhood lodging company and East Nashville is just the spot. The community feel is really what we base all of our business on. We call this place Fieldhouse Jones because in Chicago Fieldhouse’s were the epicenter of parks or the epicenter of the neighborhoods,” Baum explained.  

The space is designed to create a communal vibe for guests and locals alike. 

A 3,000 square foot rooftop bar sits about 65 feet above the street, offering a panoramic view of the city’s ever-changing skyline. 

The hotel will also offer a coffee shop and assembly hall, that blends as an antique shop where you can buy everything from the front desk to the couch.  
“It’s almost like a mini-museum or a day venture in the middle of it all.”  
Fieldhouse Jones offers more than 90 rooms, with 21 suites. 

“Some are two-bedroom suites, some are large studios, some have rooms with a couple of bunk beds in them,” Baum explained of the diverse options the hotel will offer for boarding.  
He says the idea is to cater to families or groups like Martin Casey’s. 

“We came here on a bachelor party for my best friend, first time in Nashville, came from all over some Colorado, some from New York, some from Connecticut and Boston,” Casey explained.  

His group is staying next door to the new hotel at an Airbnb and while it’s his first time to Music City he says it likely won’t be the last.  

“I would love to come back to Nashville again, interested in checking it out seems like a great place to stay and an even better area,” said Casey of the new spot. 

Showing its commitment to their new home and neighborhood, the hotel owners organized a volunteer community clean-up day Friday for its recently hired staff members. 

“Main Street is a really busy street, but some of the side streets like Neill right here are different, they are not as traversed as once before. So we want to help make this our own and give it back to the community, keep it beautiful, keep it clean and have activities going on down here potentially have some street fairs or events and entertainment going on the street for not just our guests but also the neighbors as well,” said Baum. 

Fieldhouse Jones hopes to open a little later this Summer. 

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