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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville International Airport (BNA), just like the rest of the city and Middle Tennessee, is expanding quickly.

The BNA Vision is to establish a larger airport, with more amenities, even better customer service, and more importantly, adding more flights domestically and around the world.

Doug Kreulen, President and CEO of Nashville International Airport is striving to not only deliver a world-class facility, but really inject the southern hospitality that Nashville brings. The entire project is expected to be complete by 2024 with intermittent steps along the way.

One of the larger undertakings will be the TSA, security check points along with and expanded terminal. Currently, there are two different areas for TSA. With BNA Vision, all of the security points will be placed in the center of the terminal with 24 lanes. Either side of this will be new ticketing counters with a grand lobby that vaults 60 foot ceilings.

Where TSA is now, the windows that overlook the C gates will be taken down and expanded by 165 feet, creating a brand new space for shops, restaurants, and eventual international gates.

An addition that is ongoing at this time is the brand new concourse D, which is slated to open by summer/fall 2020. Six new gates will operate with Southwest flights as well as Nashville based restaurants, and even a stage for on going music.

One of the runways is getting an overhaul and expansion to have the ability to carry larger aircraft. Yes, this means additional international flights are in the works. Thought of a direct flight to Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Frankfurt, Paris, and other are on the list of potential destinations

Finally, what is a brand new renovation without a grand entrance? Not only are additional lanes of traffic expected for arrival and departure levels, but a Airport Plaza is being constructed on currently. When this part of the project is complete, three terminal garages will be built, a hotel on site, and even pedestrian walk ways with potential restaurant too. Plus, a dog park. There will also be a lane dedicated to future light rail service.

It is an impressive undertaking which is taking shape right now. In the end, it all means easer access to even more destinations for you, your family, and business which is thriving in Middle Tennessee.

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