Spring Hill is seeing a lot of growth, which means more traffic. So city officials are making some changes to help alleviate some of that traffic congestion.

“I don’t know if any city is ever ready for rapid growth even though you may think you are prepared,” said Kayce Williams, Spring Hill Economic Development Coordinator. “Overall cities are planned to develop a certain way, but it rarely happens that way, so you’re constantly in a reactive state to where things end up and where the infrastructure needs to be placed — maybe because a new employer has come in, traffic patterns have changed, or a new school has opened up. So we’re always in that reactive mode of trying to make sure we’re counting those items in and taking that into consideration.”

There are three major traffic projects in the works right now in Spring Hill. 

One of them involves widening and expanding Beechcroft Road. Williams told News 2 a new flyover bridge from Saturn Parkway will take some pressure off of Highway 31, which should be finished by Christmas. 

Duplex Road is also under construction.

“TDOT’s doing that project also — and that’s widening and expanding with a multi-use path on one side and a sidewalk on the other side that allows for freer traffic and safety,” Williams explains. “They’re taking down some of those bad sightlines — you know, big hills and things where it’s difficult to see and make that safer. It also helps move traffic throughout the city better.”

That project is scheduled to be done by Spring 2020.

Right now, there is one designated Spring Hill exit to and from I-65 at Saturn Parkway. If you drive that route during rush hour, you’ve probably said, “There needs to be another way!”

A plan to extend Buckner Road has been in the works, and it’s starting to move forward. That means the road will be extended to meet the interstate, and in turn, give Spring Hill residents two ways to get on and off I-65. 

“Right now, if you’re coming from Nashville, you’re going to get off on 840 and come straight up 31 with everyone else in the world, or you’re going to go all the way down to Saturn Parkway and have to come back north if you live in the middle part of town,” Williams explained. “So this new interchange will allow you to get off at Buckner, and you’ll be able to get right into all of those subdivisions that are nestled in there all together where the bulk of our population is right now without ever having to get on 31. Right now you don’t have another option.”

Williams said the new road will go right through the middle of the 700-acre development Alexander Farm.

“It’s going to turn into a huge hub for residential, commercial, retail, everything — almost like Cool Springs made over,” she said. “So it is a huge development that we planned for [and] the Alexander family planned for — they are very particular about what they want to see happen there, and we’re going to help them achieve their vision there. This interchange was a key part of that.”

The City of Spring Hill received a $25-million grant from the federal government for the new interchange at Buckner Road, Williams told News 2. The city will then pay the balance.

The city hopes to complete all preliminary studies and plans for these new developments and award design and building contacts by September 30, 2020. If all goes as planned, the interchange should be finished by 2025.