If you’ve been downtown in Nashville recently, you’ve seen the construction on the Fifth + Broadway project. It will be a space for offices, residences, shopping, and food. 

It’s expected to be complete in Spring 2020, and when that happens, you’ll have even more food options in downtown Nashville! 

We’re taking you inside to give you a better idea of what to expect in the Food Hall.  

“Our goal here is to create a gathering space for Nashvillians and guests and tourists to come and really enjoy and experience the best of what Nashville has to offer under one roof. And not only will we have ample seating in the interior, we’ll be able to accommodate over 1000 people in the south section and the north section, but then we’ll have hundreds of seating capacity for outdoors,” said David Daniels, SVP of marketing for The Food Hall Co. 

There are two floors and more than 100,000 square feet of food options. The second floor will be full of more than 20 food stalls and 5 bars with local beverage selections.  

There will be a full-service restaurant on the third floor, with a stage for live music just outside the restaurant overlooking Broadway and you can also expect plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. 

Daniels told News 2, “The beauty is the experience and the vibe and the energy that you get in a food hall. So, you can imagine over 600, 700 people in this space here kind of wandering from stall to stall looking for, investigating what cuisine is here, identifying, And some folks will go to one to get one dish then maybe go to another one to get dessert.” 

So far we can tell you that Prince’s Hot Chicken, The Pharmacy Burger, The Donut + Dog, and Von Elrod’s are among the list of more than 20 Nashville eateries that you’ll be able to find in the downtown space.  

A footbridge will connect the north and south sides of the ‘food hall,’ not to be confused with a ‘food court.’ 

“No. These are chef-driven, artisan menus and you can tell already by the quality of the partners that we’ve announced so far. I mean this is crème of the crop in terms of food and restaurateurs in the Nashville market,” said Daniels. 

There are plans to announce more restaurants in the coming weeks and months. 

Daniels said, “We almost feel it’s our obligation to deliver the best of any specific food style in whatever specific food category. The goal here is to provide variety. We want folks to be able to find something they love here, and the beauty of a food hall is, with over 20 plus different restaurant choices, everyone should be able to find something that they’re going to love. So, whether you’re coming by yourself and looking for variety, or you’re coming with a group This is the perfect destination to come because there’s going to be something for everyone.” 

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