Nashville 2018: Food Hall experience coming to old convention center site


A multi-level 100,000 square foot food hall is under construction, right in the middle of downtown Nashville. And this project is much more than just food.

It’s the first of its kind in Tennessee!

In 2020, you’ll get to experience this food and entertainment destination that is going to transform that area.

This $400-million-dollar food hall will be the anchor of the former Convention Center site at 5th and Broadway. If you’re picturing a “food court” like you would see in a mall, think bigger!

“The differentiator between a food court and a food hall is a food court is all about the food, and that’s all it’s about. A food hall is an experience,” said John Franke with Front Burner Restaurants.

Fifth + Broadway is one of the largest single mixed-use developments in the history of Nashville and the state of Tennessee.

“We have entertainment, we have bars and it’s an adventure. You go through the hall and find different things and discover different things every time you go there. With 25 different options of food, you could go there multiple times each week, multiple times each month and always have a different experience,” Franke told News 2.

The way it will work is you’ll wait in line until you place your order. Then you give your phone number to the person at the register, and when your food’s ready, you’ll get a text.

Franke said, “The best way to do it is you go to three or four different places, get small bites at each of 3 or 4 different places, and you wait for those texts to come in and go back and pick it all up.”

Food prices will vary, depending on what you order.

“$9 to $12 depending on what it is, certain things can be $2 to $3, so there will be all different range of things you can get. You can get a burger for $5, you can get a sandwich for $10, you can get soup for $2 or $3, you can get you know a whole chicken for $15,” Franke said.

This food hall will be very much like an existing food hall in Dallas, but larger, and developers feel Nashville is the perfect place for it.

Franke told News 2, “Nashville is just a crazy, thriving, culinary community and city. The real estate was perfect for us, the location was perfect, and just what’s happening here is remarkable.”

The full project, which replaces the 6.2-acre Nashville Convention Center, will deliver 235,000 square feet of retail and entertainment, including the National Museum for African American Music, 385,000 square feet of office space, more than 380 residential units, and more than 2,000 parking spaces.

Restaurants are being signed on to be a part of this project right now, and developers are still looking for local vendors.

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