As work begins on Middle Tennessee’s first diverging diamond, another one could soon be in the works.

It’s one of many major road projects across the region.

The state’s second diverging diamond will be at Donelson Pike and I-40, just east of the current Donelson Pike interchange.

It’ll follow the first diverging diamond at I-24 and Hickory Hollow Parkway.

TDOT Spokesperson BJ Doughty said the design will address present and future traffic issues.

“Even though Ikea has pulled out, that was only 10-percent of the rest of the development that was going on,” said Doughty. “So you’re going to have additional traffic and this interchange will be more equipped to handle that additional traffic.”

The criss-cross design allows drivers to make left turns onto the interstate without conflicts, helping with congestion around the airport.

“It’s not going to work for every location. But specifically when we’re talking about a high volume of left turns, even more so than thru traffic, this is another tool in our toolbox that we can use to address specific problems we have,” said Doughty.

Doughty said the Donelson Pike diverging diamond project will be funded by both state and federal transportation funds.

The timeline for the project is still up in the air.

Updates on TDOT Projects:

Hickory Hollow Parkway Diverging Diamond Project:
Construction Start Date- Underway
Construction End Date- May 2021

Donelson Pike Diverging Diamond Project:
Construction Start, End Date- TBA

I-440 Reconstruction Project:
Construction Start Date- Nov. 2018 (preliminary work), Feb. 2019 (major work)
Construction End Date- Aug. 2020

Nolensville Pike Road Widening Project:
Construction Start Date- 2020