If you hear a buzzing noise on top of Music City Center, located in the heart of downtown Nashville, it may not be what you expect. 

While the rooftop does have the usual features of a large city building, it’s also an expanse of green grass. The green roof on top of Music City Center spans an incredible four acres and is home to four hives of honey bees. 

Sustainability is a major priority, and the honeybees are part of this push to create an environmentally-friendly space. 

The bees on the roof are there to support both the bee population in Nashville and provide pollinators for parks and green spaces downtown. And it’s working! 

A DNA test done on the honey produced by these bees shows that they have been collecting pollen from plant species common in the downtown area. The exact number of bees is not known, but there are quite a few spread out across the four hives.

The responsibility of caring for these bees is a joint effort between Music City Center and volunteers from The Nashville Area Beekeepers Association. 

Beekeepers regularly check on the bees to ensure that they are thriving and that the hives are free of any problematic pests. 

The honey produced by these Nashville honeybees will be harvested at the end of the summer. Last year’s harvest brought in 90 pounds of the sweet stuff!

If you’re wondering what happens to this honey, we have the answer.

Chefs at Music City center use some of this honey in their dishes after it has been harvested. Some of the honey is jarred and given away. The rest of the honey is given back to the bees. After all, they made it, and it’s their food source.

The honeybees aren’t all that Music City Center has to offer when it comes to sustainability. 

Rainwater is collected in an underground cistern and used to flush toilets as well as for landscape irrigation. Recycling is also a major project at the center. 

The convention center was officially LEED Gold Certified in 2014 and also became the first REAL certified convention center in 2014. 

If you want to learn more about their sustainability efforts, you can even go in for a sustainability tour. These tours take one hour, and you can sign up online.

And if you want to check out the bees, there’s a viewing window on the fourth floor of Music City Center.