Murfreesboro mom living in car weeks after March flood destroyed her home


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A mother in Murfreesboro is praying for the day her family can all live under one roof again.

News 2 caught up with Amber Pryor in the parking lot of a local Kroger, where she showed us where she and her fiancé sleep.

“We’re basically just sleeping in the seats,” said Pryor, pointing to the two seats in the front of the car. “There are the pillows and our blankets.”

When a storm hit Middle Tennessee the weekend of March 28, the Pryor family was living inside their apartment. They were shocked to wake up to their home filled with water. Quickly, they gathered what items they could.

“I had seen the water and I just started shaking really bad, because I was scared if I stepped in it, we were going to get electrocuted, but I had to think about my babies, what if they stepped in it and got electrocuted,” Pryor said.

She still gets emotional thinking about that night. At the time, Pryor was living in the home with her two children. Pryor says they were her first priority, especially since her 13-year old son has Autism and her 10-year-old daughter has severe epilepsy.

“Started to get the kids, and the dogs, and everybody out, nothing was salvageable really,” said Kaleb Taylor, Pryor’s fiancé remember that night.

Pryor still gets emotional thinking about the storm. Shortly afterward, the family found a hotel room to stay in with the help of the Red Cross. However, Pryor says after a period of time, they could no longer stay at the hotel.

“I didn’t think that we weren’t going to be able to go back, I really didn’t think that’s what was going to happen or that we were going to end up homeless or not have anything at all,” Pryor said.

Now sleeping in her car, she says the hardest part is being away from her kids. Right now her children are staying with a close friend in Shelbyville. Pryor has been traveling back and forth making sure to see her children every day.

“I really just want to get my kids back with me and I’m working really hard to save enough money to where we can comfortably get into somewhere that’s stable for us and them,” Pryor said.

When the storm hit, she was working as a janitor assigned to Hermitage Elementary School. Described as a hard worker, Pryor has been taking care of a co-worker who was diagnosed with cancer. A teacher at Hermitage Elementary was touched by Pryor’s story and decided to set up a GoFundMe to help the family.

“Get her set up and get her put in a place where her kids are safe, and she’s safe because I can’t afford to do that on my own, and you know it just broke my heart,” said Christy Holleman.

Holleman says she is hopeful from the amount of support the family has already received.

“It really feels good to know that somebody’s watching out for us, I have thanked her over and over again and I don’t think that I could ever thank her enough,” Pryor said.

For now, Pryor and her fiancé will continue to live inside their car, until they can get enough money to find a stable place to stay.

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