Murfreesboro hemp dispensary hires staffer to educate customers


Another first for the first Tennessee hemp dispensary in the state.  

Tennessee Hemp Supply in Murfreesboro has added a Cannabinoid Science Liaison to the staff to help customers understand the science behind and the effectiveness of hemp-based products.  

Jim Gattis is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from pain and other ailments, like PTSD.    

He’s also dealing with the after-effects of having cancer and hates taking over-the-counter medicine.  

“Too many side-effects and I’m very cautious when a doctor tries to give me pain pills and stuff like that,” Gattis said. “I don’t like it.”   

Gattis said he was afraid to even come into a hemp store.    

His wife had knee replacement surgery and needed something to relieve the pain and so does he.  

“I’m probably going to try a pill supplement and I think that will help overall my body,” Gattis said.   

He was relieved to find out that Sarah Daron-Mathis, who has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, has now been named Cannabinoid Science Liaison at Tennessee Hemp Supply.  She has also done a lot of research and has several publications on cancer.  

“I highly suggest using a full-spectrum for you,” Daron-Mathis said.  

She made Gattis feel at ease.  

To put it in laymen’s terms, Daron-Mathis said she’s here to educate the public on which hemp-based product will work best with their symptoms.  

“What formulation should I use, I don’t want to smoke this, what is the next best way to get the CBD into my system,” she said.  “I’m going to talk about bioavailability, and that means getting the CBD into the bloodstream so that it can help.”  

Daron-Mathis said CBD products can help with a variety of symptoms.  

“Anxiety, inflammation, pain, people with PTSD, fibromyalgia, MS, all of these different things can benefit from CBD,” she said.  

Daron-Mathis said she also wants to dispel any misconceptions about CBD.  She said it doesn’t get you high.  

Many are concerned though about the possibility of failing drug tests.  

“Some of the products are considered whole extract, they are full spectrum and they’ll have a little THC in it depends on how well you metabolize that THC is to whether or not you’ll fail a drug test,” Dron-Mathis said.  “People are concerned about that.”  

Tennessee Hemp Supply owner Trinity Mealor said educating customers is more important than making a quick buck.  

“We’re constantly pushing the envelope to be the best in the state,” Mealor said.  “With the surrounding of the negative connotations that cannabis has we want to further legitimize this plant to the general masses.”   

Tennessee Hemp Supply will host a Cannabis Symposium at its Murfreesboro location December 8.    

Dr. Daron-Mathis will be there to answer any CBD hemp-based questions the public may have. 

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