NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you are left with an excess of Halloween candy at your house, how about selling some of it for a good cause?

Through next Wednesday, Murfreesboro Family Dentistry on Old Fort Parkway will “buy” your unwanted candy for a dollar a pound for the first five pounds.

Then local shipping company Postal Annex will send the candy off to troops deployed overseas.

“Everybody loves candy and I know they are going to miss some of this candy we are going to send to them, they will be real happy to get it,” said Dana Thomas with Postal Annex.

“Being in dentistry, we definitely want to focus on oral health and this is the time of year when people get a lot of candy into their house. We wanted to see if we could help people get that out of their house and send it to a good cause,” said Dr. Elizabeth Jackson.

Everyone who brings in candy will be entered into a drawing for oral health products.

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