MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Murfreesboro car lot is the target of thieves for the second time in six months.

This time, a lone burglar broke into the building and stole a handful of keys and drove off in a fancy red Camaro.

A similar break-in happened in July and the two crimes are eerily similar.

One of the first things the suspect did was move one of the cameras so he wouldn’t be seen. He also broke a side window but couldn’t get in. That’s when he came around to the front door.

The suspect is captured on surveillance video throwing a hammer through a window pane before reaching in and trying to unlock the door of the Star One Motors on Bradyville.

About eight minutes later he reaches in and attempts to unlock the door, but can’t get it open.

After trying to kick it in with no success, the man breaks out a window and climbs through.

Once inside he went straight to a backroom where the keys to the vehicles on the lot are kept in a locked cabinet.

He rummages through the office before leaving the same way he came in.

Six minutes later, the suspect comes back in a second time, going through a desk, and then goes into the backroom and grabs a handful of keys – dropping several as he climbed back out the window.

Once he finds the car he was looking for, a 2011 red Camaro with black stripes, he runs across the parking lot and drives off.

Six minutes later, the man returns to the business and goes into the main office and steals a small lock box with an eight-year coin collection inside.

In the previous incident, two men broke into Star One Motors in a similar way and went straight for the keys.

Those suspects stole a Camaro and Maxima.

The suspects also stole a tag from a Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office vehicle and an Indiana Sheriff’s Office Association tag was found, on one of the vehicles, which was recovered in another state.

The manager at Star One Motors is now wondering if the latest break in could be one of the same two suspects.

The building is equipped with an alarm system and the manager is trying to figure out what time the alarm company notified police.

From the time the suspect tried to kick in the door, until to the time he left the building a third time, more than 24 minutes passed.

Police told News 2 once they received the call from the alarm company an officer was on the scene within eight to 10 minutes.

Alarm companies will typically try to reach the owner first to make sure the alarm isn’t false before calling police.

Police have yet to recover the stolen Camaro.